Blue Mountain Farms - Performance Bred

Stallion Management - Packages Available
Collection Training - $1500 (Includes vet work* & 2 weeks Board)
One Time Collection - $100 shoot fee 
Live Cover - Handling Fee $350 
(only if necessary with owners written release) **

Mare Management - Packages Available
Breeding - day rate dry $12 per day - wet $19 per day (January 2018)
All vet services at cost - Palpation $30, Prostin $20, Ranch Calls $45
Live Cover - $100 handling fee (with written release, 2 covers per cycle)**
A.I.  - $150 handling + Current Daily Rate (Includes 3 covers per cycle) **
E.T.  -Recipient Mares Available

Full Lab, Collection Station & Barn Master Stocks
Over-sized Foaling Stalls Available

Foaling Out - $350 + Current Daily Wet Rate
Foals will be handled daily - Halter training included with board,
if foals and mare will be staying with us through weaning.

Breeding Consultations -
Bloodline & Conformation Analysis. 

Digital evaluations-
Must provide: picture, pedigree & video for analysis. Includes breeding recommendations of current popular or available stock & referrals if necessary.

On Site Evaluations-  
Cost start @ $150 (daily), based on amount of information provided.
On Site Consultations are Also Available for Herd Management.
Travel Expenses (at cost) & Per Diem ($35 per day) will apply as well as a Daily Base Rate for extended travel.
Deep Discounts will be offered for Multiple Farm Bookings, or herd bookings. 

* Sperm/Extender Testing & Mobility
** Does not include Drug Therapy or  Vet work, such will be billed at cost.

All Vet costs will be billed at cost - ranch calls will be split win possible - All Vet calls are at the soul Discretion of Blue Mountain Farms Staff.