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Friends & Family
“Our Clients and their dogs remain a part of our family, FOREVER!"
Stevie and Julie love their Jack's and spoil them accordingly!!!
Shelby, Two Liter, & Ditto
Bill & Malissa's grandaughter Shelby & Two Liter
Malissa's Granddaughter Shelby, Two Liter & Ditto
Blue Mountain Sophia (Hart Farms Goblin x Blue Mountain Vivian)      
Blue Mountain Ditto Diggings (Hart Farms Goblin x Blue Mountain Olga)
Beverly & "Suzie" Compete in agility classes.
(Blue Mountain Jester x Darby)
Suzie in the Ribbons!!!
Hi Malissa, I'm sure you don't remember me. My sister (Mary Ellen) and her sons, Chris & Dan adopted two of your Jack Russell Terrier puppies 5 years ago in March and I just wanted to let you know they've been such a blessing to us. We don't know what we'd do without Boomer & Scooter. They are very spoiled, but are the best dogs with the greatest temperament. Here are a few pictures of them. I'm wondering if you're still breeding Jack Russell Terriers and if the mom and dad of Boomer & Scooter are still alive and well. I'd love to see some pictures if you have any to share.
Lois Chisholm
LOVE it!  Thanks for including us in your "family and friends" page!  We are so crazy about our Blue Mountain JRTs, Boomer & Scooter!  Why, just yesterday, a lady at PetSmart commented on how very well-behaved and calm they are!  She added the remark, "Unlike most Jack Russell Terriers I've seen!"  Made their mama very proud!
Can't wait until you have more puppies for sale! 
Lois Chisholm
                                                         (Hart Farms Goblin x Blue Mountain Vivian)
Judy took these about three weeks after "Yoshe"came. This is the clothes dryer outlet.
After it stopped, she wanted to know why and put her head in the outlet.
Floyd & Judy
(North Hills Jude x Blue Mountain Vivian)