Blue Mountain Farms - Performance Bred
Jack Russell Terriers
Malissa & Bill Few have been raising JRTCA- Jack Russells for over 20 years. Their dedication to the standards of the breed exceed all expectations! They have had many repeat clients over the years. They have shipped dogs to the far reaches of the Globe. Their dogs are not only competitive in the field & show ring, but have also retained a sensibility that makes them wonderful pets as well. They have maintained thier integrity by adhearing to thier "Mission Statement" they set for themselves some 20 + years ago.
Mission Statement:
Our goal is to maintain the integrity of this breed. We will accomplish this through careful selective coefficient breeding practices, educating our new families, and socializing our puppies from birth.
In the begining…..
In the beginning “boy was that forever ago”.  Our good family friend and veterinarian (Kent Ellsworth) traded us a dog for a horse.  That is when and where it all started the love affair of a little dog. My husband being a fan of hunting dogs and me a fan of a working or herding type dogs never dreamed that this little bundle of dynamite would prove to be the best of both worlds for us.
Kent or Doc as we called him had a ‘puddin dog’ that needed a home and we had an older horse that needed a home.  Sounded like a good swap to me.  Mind you we have a very large family and we wanted this dog for our middle child.  Our son Britt had lost his dog to a very unforeseeable accident.  Britt only being 10 years old it hit him very hard.  We made the swap and it was love at first sight.  I have had dogs all my life and never seen anything like that before.  Ruggles was the ticket for this young man and the rest of the family.  Their bond was so tight nothing could come between them.  I could go on and on about this little dog for hours but we all get the jest of it.
Short time after getting Ruggles I was injured at work.  Flat on my back all day and this little guy wasn’t having any of it.  He would make me throw his ball for him and if I didn’t throw it when he wanted me to he would throw it up in my lap and make me.  He was a character.  All he had to do is look at me with those eyes and it would melt my pain away.

I finally mended, but my life had changed no longer able to work the horses my life ‘went to the dogs’.
We have had Jack Russell’s ever sense, or should I say they have us.

This love affair with these little guys has been going on for almost twenty years. As any true lover of these little guys we pledge to protect, preserve, and work this unique dog.