Blue Mountain Farms - Performance Bred
Our Memories...
Over the years we have had many jacks come and go, Ruggles was our first.  We acquired him for our son Britt.  They were inseparable.  Ruggles was a bundle of trouble, excitement and love.
   Ruggles had a crate that was a 700 which is the size you would use for a German Shepherd or some other similar large dog.  The front door flipped up to gain entry.  Needless to say this was Ruggles ‘Condo’ when Britt was at school, or Ruggles had had enough of the world he would retreat to his condo.
   When Ruggles Best Friend was home the play time was on.  They would play soccer until I thought both of them were going to drop.  When Ruggles had the ball no one could catch him.  He would push that ball all around the yard on his nose and would have it in the goal before anyone knew it.  No one was aloud to have the ball when Ruggles was around.  If the other children would come over to play ball of any kind give Ruggles half a chance he would steel the ball.
   After a long day of play with all the children of the house and the neighborhood, Ruggles and his best friend would head off to bed for some needed rest.  Britt’s bed is the top bunk and Ruggles being a puddin dog is vertically challenged but nothing stops this little guy.  He grabs hold of the drawer handles on the dresser and pulls the drawers out one at a time until he has made himself his version of a ladder to the top bunk. Once on top of the dresser he would jump over into the bed with Britt.
   Ruggles was a true character, when he wanted out he would stand at the door with his nose up tight against it making a little gruff every now and then to get your attention until someone would let him out. 
   By the time his best friend was grown a new crop of children were coming along, grandchildren.  Ruggles was always very tolerant of little people and though he was older now he still enjoyed playing with the children as much as they enjoyed playing with him. 
    Ruggles passed away on our living room floor in the sun, his favorite napping place. Oh how he is missed.
Our second little wonder of our world.
     This little gal and I went everywhere together.  Up to the corner every night for a frozen yogurt, rodeo committee meetings you name it she was always with me.
My companion forever.
       Her claim to fame was her attraction to our Irish Setter.  She would hang on her like a pierced earring. Poor Maggie she had all the patience in the world.  She would take everything Ruby dished out to her. 
        Ruby was just a little thing about 11 ½ inches tall and maybe weighed in at 7 pounds on a good day but she was all that and more.  She wouldn’t let anyone near me or my grandchildren.  Her favorite toys, besides Maggie were balloons and the vacuum cleaner.  She would pop the balloons and attack the vacuum cleaner it was hilarious.  Now that grandchildren were arriving and baby showers were common place we would have to fight her for the balloons.
       Her & Ruggles went everywhere with me they loved the convertible riding with the top down was the bomb for them. Ruby and Maggie always slept together curled up on the kitchen floor or someone’s bed.  When Ruby had pups Maggie waited until Ruby left them alone and stole them.  Maggie had put them on one of my daughters beds and was all curled up with them.  That made Ruby’s day she had a babysitter.  Oh how funny it was.
     Ruby was the beginning of our breeding program.   She gave us many nice pups several of which we kept raised and bred.  Ursula is our grandma dog now and she was one of Ruby’s pups; matter of fact she was the last one before Ruby past.
Ruby will forever fill our hearts with the generations of puppies she left behind.