Blue Mountain Farms - Performance Bred
Our Mission

         Blue Mountain Farms would like to announce the return of  our trainer and breeding specialist Shannon Anderson; bringing with her Ashlyn Arabians L.L.C. breeding stock. Shannon is a co-founder of Blue Mountain Farms and Daughter of William & Malissa Few. We are very happy to have Shannon & her Daughter Shelby-Lynn returning to the Ranch.

     We have Created Amazing Diversity in Our Offspring,  We are Producing International Quality Foals. Our Bloodlines include the Greats of the Past and Present. Focusing on Preserving the Precious Bloodlines of the Polish Arabian, while Blending them with Current Internationally Recognized breeding Programs. 

We have Created not only Beauty & Intelligence,  but Revived the Diversity & Athleticism that Arabians are known for... Rebuilding an Arabian that will be competitive  in the Show Ring, but also have the Mind for Stock Work, The stamina for Endurance and the Tenacity to Excel in All areas.

*We have also recently purchased several OWP mares & a stallion to create a small additional breeding program, of some of the rarest & oldest Polish Bloodlines in Existence today. 

Our Paint Horse program is very similar, with a focus on American Foundation Stock. Creating working Stock Horses that are Beautiful enough to Compete in the Open Circuits, with the Mind to do both. 

We also Occasionally breed a Half-Arabian or two for a Splash of Color & the versatility of both breeds.  Our Half-Arabians are usually limited to the discovery of two exceptional individuals or by client request.