Blue Mountain Farms - Performance Bred
In Memory of Our Loved Ones

     "My treasures do not chink or glitter, they gleam in the sun and neigh in the night!”

Moonlight Ladie @ 25 above

   We lost our precious Ladie after a stroke the Spring of 2012... She was the Mascot, the Friend to Victoria, and finally the Eternal Mother to all the young ones we have had over the years.  Ladie loved to steal foals...

Although Ladie never had a "live" foal for us, she does have a daughter, bred by a previous owner. Ali Mae (xAli Szar+) has had an impressive halter career & the world is graced with Ladies decedents through Ali Mae.  

Ladie is Greatly Missed!

GR Suzuki
(*Pentagon x SR Kuki)

 Suzuki is the matriarch of our mares, she is the last remaining mare from the band of Mares that was gifted to Malissa & Bill's Daughter over 20 years ago. February 01, 2011 was her 34th Birthday. She is completely retired to the pasture & her stall now. However she still has plenty of spunk and surprises everyone each spring with her antics in the warm weather. 

Unfortunately, Suzuki passed on at the age of 35, she is greatly missed...

Roayal Charger
(The Rose Prince x Angelique of Aldachar)

Charger was our families 1st Arabian Stallion. We could not have asked for a better teacher and friend. Although his loss was great, his life and influence will always be felt.

Charger was the epitome of what an Arabian Stallion should be... He was kind, gentle, intelligent, and beautiful. 

From parades, rodeos, trails, to the breeding shed he was always a gentleman... 

I will forever be grateful to Richard Stafford when he gifted this stallion & his harem to a young girl, with a thirst to be more...